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This section of the site collects the main publications coming from web and media that document my artistic path.

Ink imprinted on paper able to scan emotions connecting, like a thin imaginary thread, the pages of my journey behind the console.

Browsing it all in one breath will be like reliving that extraordinary swirl of suggestions that stand out flying to embrace eache of you from the most secret part of my heart.

Thanks, Yaya

Yaya in montecarlo


An article written by a local newspaper of my region that made me enormous pleasure to receive

from vasco to buddha bar


Online newspaper “Il Tempo” has dedicate an article to narrate my experience at Buddha Bar

music as a calling


The beautiful interview on the pages of Nero Music where I talk about music and my experiences, from Vasco to the red carpet

music: my passion


My biggest passion and my story told in an interview of January 2016

how do you become a DJ


Interview released in October 2014 at the famous magazine Maxim

woman in consolle


In the year of the first LiveKom an interview for the monthly Bella, about my world and the many women behind consoles

opening vasco's concert


Opening the concerts of Vasco has always been a unique emotion and a great honor. This interview reminds me that dream

Yaya dj, smiles and elegance


One of my first interviews, released to Slide magazine


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